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The articles in journal Mandy Dingle svorio netekimas Sciences Mandy Dingle svorio netekimas reviewed by two members of Editorial Board or by its appointed experts. Jasinskio g. Summary Miscarriage and induced abortion are life events that can potentially cause mental distress. The objective of this study was literature review and to perform case study to determine whether there are any differences in the patterns of psychological symptoms after these two events and to point the importance of informed consent.

In our study 20 women who experienced miscarriages and 20 women who underwent induced abortions were interviewed in Vilnius out patients clinics. We found that women who had pregnancy termination had more mental distress than women who experienced a miscarriage guilty, anxiety, anger, episodes of crying etc.

Women undergoing abortion had significantly more conflicts in their partnerships.

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Separation occurred in about one-quarter of all couples. In conclusion women who had undergone an abortion exhibited higher frequency of psychological symptoms than after miscarriage. Although an answer to the causal question is not readily discerned based on the data available, as more prospective studies with numerous controls are being published, indirect evidence for a causal connection Mandy Dingle svorio netekimas beginning to emerge.

So we may consider that it is necessary still before induced abortion procedure to inform the couples about an increasing possibility of mental distress. Introduction Abortion and miscarriage is regarded as a serious and distressing life events for a woman [1]. Responses to miscarriage are very diverse, and adjusting after miscarriage is complex.

For some, the emotional impact may be minimal, but many women experience depression and anxiety which can persist for months or years. Poor adjustment to miscarriage has been associated with psychological, social and reproductive risk factors. At a psychological level, a history of mental illness is associated Žurnalo tinklalapis: with poorer adjustment to miscarriage. However, there is a need to distinguish between women whose symptoms are a result of the miscarriage, and women whose symptoms are a continuation of an unrelated mental health problem.

Few sociodemographic variables have been found to affect women s psychological outcomes after miscarriage, although the limited evidence suggests that single women and those who are older may be at a greater risk Mandy Dingle svorio netekimas psychological distress [2].

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Abortion can cause anxiety and depression and can be experienced as a traumatic life event [3]. Results from research into the psychological implications of abortion are equivocal, and this has resulted in much debate, possibly because the theme is controversial on political, ethical and social grounds [4]. New evidences show, that anxiety symptoms are the most common adverse response and that our understanding of abortion as a potential trauma has increased [5], [6].

Few studies have compared the course of psychological responses after miscarriage with that after abortion [7].

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Induced abortion and miscarriage are similar life events in that women abort after a short term of pregnancy. However, these two life events differ in important respects. Miscarriage happens involuntarily and suddenly to women who were expecting to give birth, whereas abortion is a planned and known event [], however connected with feeling of guilty because decision is taken herself.

The broader aim is to identify characteristics of women who cope well, or badly, after miscarriage to inform interventions to assist women dealing with this significant event[]. The aim of the study. The objective of this study was to determine whether there are any differences in the patterns of psychological symptoms after idealus svoris per savaitę numesti two events and to point the importance of informed consent.

Materials and Methods 20 women who experienced miscarriages and 20 women who underwent induced abortions were interviewed in 3 Vilnius out patients clinics.

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All subjects completed the questionnaires with a period of 1 year or more after event. Data were assessed by Mann-Whitney U test. A systematic Adresas susirašinėti: Danielius Serapinas, el. Studies had to report Mandy Dingle svorio netekimas quantitative or qualitative evaluation of mental health after pregnancy termination Results and discussion Demographic data of studied participants find, that the youngest woman was 18 years old, the oldest The main finding of our study is, that women who had pregnancy termination had more mental distress than women who experienced a miscarriage.

Recent studies have explored the traumatic aspects of abortion. We would like to mention one of the largest quantitative estimate of mental health risks associated with abortion available in the world literature.

Calling into question the conclusions from traditional reviews, the results of this review revealed a moderate to highly increased risk of mental health problems after abortion.

Consistent with the tenets of evidence-based medicine, this information should inform the delivery of abortion services. The finding that abortion is associated with significantly higher risks of mental health problems compared with carrying a pregnancy to Mandy Dingle svorio netekimas is consistent with literature demonstrating protective effects of pregnancy delivered relative to particular mental health outcomes.

For example, with regard to suicide, data reported the annual suicide rate for women of reproductive age to be Several other studies conducted in different countries have revealed even lower rates of suicide following birth when compared with women in the general population [7,8].

More research is turėčiau numesti svorio to examine systematically the specific nature of this protective effect against suicide, to determine the extent to which the protective effect holds for unintended pregnancies delivered, and to examine possible protective effects of childbirth relative to other mental health variables [16].

After adjusting for sociodemographics, abortion was associated with an increased likelihood of several mental disorders--mood disorders adjusted odds ratio [AOR] ranging from 1. Adjusting for violence weakened some of these associations. For all disorders examined, less than one-half of women reported that their mental disorder had begun after the first abortion.

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Population attributable fractions ranged from 5. The longitudinal analysis with a population sample of women with a history of miscarriage supports previous small-scale clinical research showing that a number of variables are associated with adjustment after miscarriage. Women who reported two life events in the past 12 months, and women who reported greater levels of Stress, were most likely to have lower initial Mental Health scores.

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Stress has been associated with an increased risk of having a miscarriage as well as being an outcome of miscarriage.

Thus, it seems that reducing stress during pregnancy may be of public health importance, as well as enhancing the general well-being of the individual woman [9]. Women who are pregnant or planning pregnancy, and experiencing high levels of stress, may benefit from cognitive-behavioural stress management griežtas svorio metimas. Such interventions could potentially be incorporated into antenatal classes; alternatively, screening for high levels of stress could be a routine aspect of antenatal healthcare visits.

Greater provision of information on managing stress, through PCPs and other community resources, may also be beneficial [2].

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After termination of pregnancy, 4 couples of 20 separated. On the other hand, 13 of women after abortion presented a decrease in sexual desire Studies analyzing impact of abortion on psychosexuality show, that women undergoing abortion had significantly more conflicts in their partnerships [19]. Male pressure on women to have an induced abortion has a significant, negative influence on women s psychological responses in the 2 years following the event.

Women who gave the reason have enough children for choosing abortion reported slightly better psychological outcomes [12, Mandy Dingle svorio netekimas.

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About relationship with children both groups of our study answered the same: 17 mentioned, that their stressful event had no influence to their relationship with children.

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